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Introducing Glen Solberg

Glen Solberg

We are so excited to announce that Glen Solberg is now available for marriage counseling through Marriage Revolution in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Glen and I met and became friends while we both worked at FamilyLife from 2006 – 2010. Our friendship has grown over the years and through our conversations it became clear that God was leading Glen to help hurting couples in a more focused way through Biblical Counseling. As our conversation continued, we both sensed God leading him to be a part of Marriage Revolution.

Glen and his wife Shawn have been married over 23 years and have three great kids. He has personally seen God’s power in transforming marriages for many years, including his own.

Glen and Shawn were married only a year when they did not see hope for their marriage to continue after Glen’s adulterous affair. But the Lord did a miracle of reconciliation in their marriage and called them to share that hope with others as they served with FamilyLife from 2003 thru 2016. They had the privilege of sharing their story with many couples and walking with them as God brought help and hope to those couples.

Join me in welcoming Glen to our growing team of Biblical Counselors in the comments below!!

Glen’s offices will be located at The Summit Church in North Little Rock.

Please visit our counseling page to view Glen’s complete bio and to schedule your first appointment.

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3 thoughts on “Marriage Revolution in Little Rock, AR

  1. Congratulations Glen! I’ll never forget meeting for the first time in the freezing cold and chasing WTR brochures. Thank you for your many years with FamilyLife! Anxious to see what this new chapter holds for you and your family.

    • Thanks Brad! Your comment brought back great memories of meeting and serving Marriage Champions like you and your wife in the KC Area. I do remember that cold day when we had a warm cup of coffee and some great time to share together. Shawn and I are so excited about the Lord’s call to bring help and hope through Marriage Revolution!

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