Marriage Intensive

Traditional marriage counseling has its place. But sometimes 1 hour a week just isn’t enough.

If your marriage is in a place that needs serious restoration, or if your schedule prevents you from taking off work once a week for 3+ months to attend counseling, you might be a good candidate for a marriage intensive.

Advantages of a Marriage Intensive

  • Hourly Counseling Brings Up Problems but Leaves No Time for Solutions
  • Leaves time to Address Both Sides of the Story
  • Up to 1 year of Counseling in two days Yielding Tangible Results

Biblical Concepts Covered in a Marriage Intensive

  • Resolve Years of Hurtful Events Effectively
  • Six Warm-Up Steps that Guarantee Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Eliminating Worry, Fear, and Anxiety that Prevents Abundant Life
  • Discovering True Freedom by Gaining Powerful Self-Control
  • Getting to the Root of Your and Your Children’s Bad Behavior
  • What Does a Happy Marriage Really Look Like?
  • Discovering Ten Needs of Your Spouse
  • Getting Your Partner to Share More Heartfelt Emotions
  • How Problems and Emotional Distance Develop
  • Why Meeting Needs with Good Intentions Is Not Enough
  • Protecting Your Marriage from Infidelity
  • Communicating Desires, Needs, and Hurts Without Provoking Anger
  • Eliminating Your Partner’s Anger
  • Helping Your Partner Resolve Childhood Hurts that Can Hinder Present Relationships
  • Alleviating Your Partner’s Feelings of Loneliness
  • Discovering Your Partner’s Need of the Moment
  • How Misapplying Boundaries Destroys Your Marriage
  • Helping Your Partner Discover Ways They Hurt You
  • Why “Coping” with Problems Is Not Biblical
  • Why “Just Choosing to Forgive” Doesn’t Fully Work
  • Experiencing True Forgiveness
  • Recovering and Regaining Trust after Adultery

The Process

Contact Hans Molegraaf to determine if a marriage intensive is the most effective plan of care for you and for more details.