Your wife wants your…

Your ego wanted me to say your body. And, this might be true for you. But most women want something more…

In know this is how it feels sometimes to share your emotions with your wife. But there is hope…

One of the ways you can resist the drift towards isolation in your marriage is to have a Marriage Staff Meeting. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the agenda in your marriage staff meeting should include talking about your relationship Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically. Healthy marriages are strong in all 3 areas.

Although connecting spiritually is the most important, connecting emotionally is a close 2nd and is sometimes the area couples struggle with the most…especially men.

Examine your stool

Last week I shared my frustration with the amount of time, energy, planning, goal setting, etc… we put into our jobs compared to what we invest into our marriage and family.

Similar to any successful organization, I suggest couples schedule a “Marriage Staff Meeting” every week. This is a regularly scheduled time that you have on your calendar where you and your spouse talk shop, ”marriage shop” that is.

Too Many Meetings

The Importance of a Marriage Staff Meeting

In the business world meetings are a way of life.

In my previous employment, we had status meetings, staff meetings, vision meetings, kick off meetings, operations meetings, creative meetings, brainstorm meetings, etc… Some of the meetings were good. Some were bad. Some were needed and some weren’t. But, overall…we had too many meetings.

However, when it comes to marriage and family I think we have the opposite problem…not enough meetings.

I’ve always been bothered by the amount of time we are willing to spend planning, prioritizing, brainstorming, etc… as it relates to our business vs. the amount of time we are willing to spend doing the same as it relates to our marriage and family.