25 Questions To Spark Authentic Communication In Your Marriage

  1. What can I do to cause you to feel more loved and cherished?
  2. What could I do to illustrate the fact that I respect you, your ideas, your role as my wife, and how

    can I assure you that I hear you and understand what’s on your heart?

  3. What can I do to make you feel absolutely secure?
  4. What can I do to ensure that you have confidence and joy in our future direction?
  5. What attribute would you most like for me to develop?
  6. What attribute would you like me to help you develop in yourself?
  7. What achievement in my life would bring you great joy?
  8. What would indicate to you that I really desire to be more Christlike?
  9. What mutual goal would you like to see us accomplish?
  10. What’s one thing you love about our marriage?
  11. If you could only pick one thing, what would you change about our marriage?
  12. What’s one thing you love about our sex life?
  13. What one thing that you’d love for me to do more as your lover?
  14. What’s one of your best memories of us?
  15. Knowing what you do about our current financial situation—and without changing it—how do you feel about your budget? Does it work for you? Am I listening well to what you need?
  16. How well do I “see” you and what you carry every day? Do you feel acknowledged, heard, and received?
  17. If you could have more of one thing from me—time, sex, listening, help, you name it—what would it be?
  18. What’s one way I could do a better job caring for you?
  19. How can I pray for you?
  20. What’s God been teaching you lately?
  21. How was your day—really?
  22. What’s on your “bucket list”—you know, your list of things you’d like to do before you die?
  23. What can I do to ease your load today?
  24. Have you heard from your family lately? How are they doing?
  25. Can I tell you one thing that I’ve loved about you lately?

(Contribution in part by Janel Breitenstein)