4 Keys to Finishing Strong in Your Marriage

Finish Strong

I recently heard the story of a Godly leader I respected that fell into sexual immorality.

When I first heard the story I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t think there was any way THIS guy would have fallen. He was a rock. He loved God. He taught God’s word.

But unfortunately I learned it was true. And the effects this event had on his wife and kids were devastating.

20 Ways To Protect Your Marriage

Guest Post: Janel Breitenstein is a married mother of 4 who writes frequently for FamilyLife. Janel and her husband John currently serve with eMi in Uganda. Additionally, Janel’s husband serves on the Board of Marriage Revolution.

20 Ways to Protect

You’ve probably got insurance on your car—which you lock pretty much everywhere, maybe with the addition of a swanky alarm.

And let’s think about it. You’ve got safeguards, insurance, and forward-thinking measures for your health. Your house. Your mortgage. Your cash. Your kids (carseats, seatbelts, bike helmets, savings accounts…).

We protect what’s valuable.

But ADT’s got nothing for affairs, broken hearts, or lonely marriages…

Let’s Talk About Sex

This post was written as a Date Night Guide for Church Project’s Valentines Day Date Night on February 13, 2015

Adam and Eve

Sex in the Garden of Eden…can you imagine?

Adam and Eve were in a lush garden with flowers and vegetation not yet marred by the presence of sin. They likely heard running water in the nearby river and animals were walking around freely. And maybe most significantly, Adam and Eve, “…felt no shame.”

“…and they become one flesh. The man and his wife were naked, and they felt no shame.”
Genesis 2:24-25

Make no mistake, Adam and Eve had great sex. What was the key ingredient?

Once a Year

We don’t do it often, but we do ask once a year.

Marriage Revolution is a donation based ministry that significantly relies on donations to meet our operating expenses.  And, our most significant operating expense is helping hurting couples through marriage coaching.

Learn how you can be a part of helping us help more couples in 2015.


Should you renew your wedding vows?

Guest Post: George Booth is a married father of 3 and serves on the Board of Marriage Revolution.


I recently had the privilege of attending a Marriage Vows Renewal Ceremony in Jerusalem, Israel. As we stood on a plaza overlooking this ancient city, the small party of assembled guests were struck by the beauty and simplicity of the occasion as we thanked God for 25 years of His love and faithfulness towards the happier than ever couple.

For this couple, the renewal ceremony had extra poignancy.  When they first took their marriage vows, they neither believed in or followed God.  But here they were, 25 years later, united in a common bond of love for each other, for Christ and for his church.

But I couldn’t help but ask myself, does a wedding vow ever need renewing?

Is your marriage TOO important?

Too Important

After being married for just 18 short months, Star and I separated and were in the process of filing for divorce. During this time I was highly encouraged to go to marriage counseling…alone. It didnt make sense to me, but I went anyway. And, I’m thankful I did. I learned God’s blueprint and heart for marriage (and me), and HE changed my life.

During this season, I made it my mission in life to save my marriage. I confessed. I loved. I forgave. I was becoming the husband I never was but now knew God wanted me to be. I knew Star wouldn’t come running right back, but I thought it would just be a matter of time.

Instead, my love was met with Star’s increased rebellion.

I was appalled. I was in shock….

5 Ways Gratitude Can Rev up Your Sex Life

Guest Post: Janel Breitenstein is a married mother of 4 who writes frequently for FamilyLife. Janel and her husband John currently serve with eMi in Uganda. Additionally, Janel’s husband serves on the Board of Marriage Revolution.

Intimate Couple

It was nearly a decade and a half ago that I read, “Intimate Issues: Twenty-One Questions Christian Women Ask about Sex.” But still, Melinda’s story in one of the chapters stuck with me:

Melinda and her husband were understandably discouraged. She’d never been able to experience sexual climax. But she decided that rather than complain, she’d thank God for every little thing when she and her husband made love. Every satisfying kiss, every enjoyable sensation meant she was no longer wondering whether she’d feel something:

It was wonderful because it changed my attitude about lovemaking…[to] “There will be something to thank God for.” Slowly, I began to tune into my sexual feelings. It has been a long process but I have now experienced orgasm. I believe thanking God had a lot to do with it.

Can gratitude really do that?

Even now, this gets me thinking: What else can thankfulness do for Christian sex?

The truth: A lot.

Are you clueless?


I’m sorry to be offensive, but if you’re a guy reading this there’s a good chance you might be…

I know this because I was clueless, still struggle with being clueless, and see men almost everyday that are clueless about the condition of their marriage.

My wife begged me to go to counseling for almost 12 months before we got separated. She tried to tell me things were bad, but I just didn’t see it. I know we had things to work on, but I had no idea things were as bad as what she said they were.

I’ve since learned that it matters less if my wife’s perception about the condition of our marriage is right or wrong, but rather if and how I respond to her perception.

If her perception is right, I have a problem. If her perception is wrong, I ALSO have a problem. The only wrong way to deal with my wife’s perception is to ignore it.

I want to help you determine and discuss the condition of your marriage with your spouse.

A Good Lover is a Good Mind Reader

Mind Reader

In order to understand how to be a good lover of your spouse, you need to be a good mind reader.

Most people have a fairly decent understanding of what love looks like.  In fact, if you ask most people what the Bible has to say about love they can recite some or all of 1 Corinthians 13…

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not….”

And granted, this chapter provides a good summary.  But, it isn’t enough to know what love is…